Lyrics For First Million By Dejuan Martin

First Million Dejuan Lyrics: Produced by Been Raw and mixing is done by Alex.

Lyrics For First Million By Dejuan Martin
Prod. Been Raw
Mix Alex

First Million Dejuan Lyrics

When you are coming from the bottom you appreciate me a lot more
Break through is on the way what you gonna stop for
Had a pair of cool craze never had the concords
government frozen funds could not pay the landlord I was
really shaking it hard for me to find a better way so I am

Making it getting paid to be yourself really got me feeling
free pushing weight inside the gym downtown smoking
weed got myself a bigger crib, family is taken care of only
live once tell me what you are scared of dream big or
don’t do it at all you regret it if you don’t learn when you
fall wonder what I will do with the first million wonder what

I will do with the first m reinvest it, compound make it ten
need a million need a million vividly I am get there properties
no welfare when you are born poor feel like hell
here betting on Dejuan, one go myself still

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