99Sani – REST YOUR MIND LYRICS (Jackpot)

that shit you ain’t pulling up on me
i’mma take a couple steps back to think
cause i keep the rips on me
being black might as well be illegal
cause i can’t even walk the street
if a cop asks me questions imma plead

the fifth i would not get on my knees
i’m a black man that made it this fa
even though i didn’t grow up in the
streets just cause i’m black and just
cause you’re white doesn’t give you an
excuse to murder me

i got a point to make but y’all seem
hollow i don’t wanna empty the g
i wanna dream just like the king is that
turn it into reality
recipe the real niggas that walk the

street i even gotta tear it on me
24 hours a day i cannot complain cause i
know likes over me
to my man’s
i’m in the booth trying to master my
craft i will not
waste my time i’m talking i’m

doing dumb shit like a dirty old blonde
you might be from kansas you might be
nam out of this state or out of the
country my mind is going crazy jimmy

shit on my mind my wear disguise i have
my emotions that had all my lies
being prescribed to a drug cause the
fuck that is better than looking for a
dress to get fucked up walking the
street i know you can’t see cause you
vision is

real blurry when we gonna realize we
gotta stick together it’s not gonna
happen cause the world messed up follow
up with the right footsteps
gotta stay up and let your mind
gotta stay up let your
bro mind

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