Mere Sahiba Song Lyrics – Baiju Mangeshkar: Is the latest Hindi song lyrics has been written by Hazrat Shah Hussain,Times Music presents the teaser for Mere Sahiba, a Sufi Kalaam by Hazrat Shah Hussain composed and sung by Baiju Mangeshkar from the album ‘WITHIN YOU’. Also featuring a unique performance by Aditi Bhagwat.

Song Details

Music Credits:

Singer & Composer: Baiju Mangeshkar

Lyrics: Hazrat Shah Hussain

Featuring: Aditi Bhagwat (Performance)

Music Arrangement: Jatin Sharma

Mere Sahiba Lyrics 

Mere sahiba mein teri 

ho mukiaan mere saahibaa

mein teri ho mukiaan mein

 teri hoooo…… mukiaaaaan

meinu na we saari tu menu

na ve saari menu na ve sari

Tu meinu na we saari har

gallo mein chuki haaa har

gallo mein chukki aaan

meri sahiba mein teri 

ho mukee aaan oo gunn

haari ko gunn nahi oo

Gunn haari ko gunn naahi

baksh kare ta mein chhuti

aan bakhs kare to mein

chhutyi(×)2 jo bhaawe to

raakh pyaari aaa jo bhaawe

jayo raakh pyaari aaa

daamn tere mein lukiaa 

haaa… naa(×)2

Mere sahiba mein teri ho

mukiaaa mere sahibaa mein

teri ho mukiaaa (×)2

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