Times have changed, don’t know what for.
All the lies, ruining hardcore.
All the people, all their lies. They are the ones I
despise. Spreading rumors behind everyone’s back like
they’ve made one big pact.

Bring it back, Bring it back. To the way it should be,
one big hardcore family. You all know that its worth
the fight. Stand together and do whats right.
You know how hard we work at this, everyday we use our
We work hard each and everyday, hardcore for life, the
way we’ll stay.

Years and years it took to build, a lot of suckas fed
up a lot of blood was spilled.
I never had shit but this, I never had shit worth

raising my fists for the hardcore.
That’s how we live it, that’s all I got.
We’re gonna keep representing and we won’t stop.
Strength For A Reason that’s how we do, that’s family,
that BFL crew.

They’re not my blood, but they’re family, the only ones
who ever gave a damn for me.
I got your back kid believe its true, if it came down
to it I’d die for you..
I feel the same even though I never said it, just tell
me the motherf*cker’s name and he’ll get it.
Its not about fighting, it’s a whole lot more, its
keeping it true representing hardcore.

Record Label(s): 2013 Fast Break Records

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